Six Cleaning and Organizing Tips for 2019

We’re one month into the new year - what’s on your list of resolutions for 2019? Resolve to really clean up the house in 2019! Start the new year off right with these six tips that are sure to make your home gleam.

Start Simple

Always a do recon before you take on a big project. Take note of imperfections in your home. What projects have you been putting off? What improvements can you make (both big and small) to increase the value of your home? Make a list of all the deep cleaning that needs to be done along with any organizing or DIY projects you’d like to tackle.

Decluttering: Mari Kondo Style

As you look over your belongings, be honest with yourself. What do you need and what could you do without. Take Marie Kondo’s philosophy to heart: If it doesn’t bring you joy, donate it! Decluttering your home can be difficult emotionally so take it one step at a time. If you’re overwhelmed just start with a “donate box”. Make it a habit to put an item in the box everyday that you could do without. Before you know it, you’ll be clutter free!

Let the sun in!

When’s the last time you cleaned your windows, both inside and out? It’s amazing how clean windows can really brighten up a space. Sunlight is great for improving your mood and adding a fresh, light element to your space.

Give your cabinets some love.

Gunk buildup on kitchen cabinets is inevitable. To remove the buildup, just use a mix of equal parts of vinegar and water and wipe the grease away. Once you’ve finished, dry the surface with a paper towel and admire your clean (and practically new) cabinets! Pro tip: to keep the cabinets grime free, apply a generous layer of wood polish but make sure to wipe them down every few months.

Don’t forget the furniture!

Your furnishings need some love too. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to maintain them or it could cost you $$$ down the road. Take good care of your furniture by learning the right way to clean and maintain it. More often than not the manufacturer includes instructions on how to do this or a simple Google search will suffice.

Keep the bathroom clean and tidy

Your bathroom is a damp environment which makes it highly prone to mold growth. Remember to keep your bathroom dry and clean to deter the growth of mildew and mold. Keep a daily shower or all-purpose cleaner handy and spray down your bathtub and shower after every use.

Kayla StinnettComment