Buying Your First Home? Plan for These Hidden Costs

Get those rainy day funds in order — you're going to need them.

You just found your perfect home. The area is perfect and the house is just right for you. But if you’re buying your first home you might find that the final price is pretty far from what you imagined. If you’re in the market for your first home, prepare for those extra costs. These additional costs often catch home buyers by surprise.

Don’t forget about appliances.
The previous owners of your home are the biggest factor affecting your move-in costs. If they take the refrigerator when they move out, you’ll have to buy one to replace it. The same goes for any large appliance.

And while these may seem like a small purchase compared to buying a home, appliances quickly add up — especially if you just spent most of your cash on a down payment.

Home Improvements
You’ll also be on the hook for any immediate improvements the home needs unless you negotiate them as part of your home purchase agreement. Unfortunately, these costs are the least hidden of those you may encounter.

Consider the creature comforts.
Another cost is your own comfort. It’s easy to not think fully about what you’re expecting from your new home until after you move in. Do you want cable? If so, is your new home wired for cable? It’s much harder to watch a technician crawling around punching holes in your walls when you own those walls.

Plan Ahead
The only ways to face the unknown and unexpected are research and planning. This starts with budgeting both before house hunting and throughout your search. Look at homes in your budget that need improvements, and then research how much those improvements could cost. Nothing is worse than buying a home thinking you can fix the yard for a few hundred dollars and then realizing it will cost thousands.

Know your budget and plan ahead. Buying a home is a lot less scary when you know what you’re getting into.

Kayla StinnettComment