Buying New Construction? You Need a Realtor.

The Limestone County real estate market is booming! Supply is at an all-time low yet demand is increasing every day. Because of that, many families are considering new construction for their real estate needs. The allure of new construction is undeniable - a pristine home that’s untouched and all yours - but there are a few things you should consider.

So why should you hire your own Realtor?

When buying new construction, the builder is considered the seller and the agent representing the builder is the builder’s agent. Although most new construction communities will have a builder’s agent, you’ll need an agent to guide you through the process. Your Realtor will advocate for you and act on your behalf. As your agent, it’s their job to get the most value for your money with the least hassle and frustration.

When buying new construction, your agent can be key in negotiations. Want something extra such as upgraded counters or appliances? Your agent can negotiate extra perks such as amenities and upgrades. A Realtor can also recommend financing and often has a list of “preferred” lenders. An agent can even guide you through the home inspection process. Just because the home is brand new doesn’t mean you should forego an inspection. Leave it to your Realtor to make it happen!

A Realtor can be a valuable resource - they’re knowledgeable about the new construction process as well as housing development and the community. Everyone wants to buy a home with peace of mind, a Realtor can make that happen!

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Kayla StinnettComment