Ready to make a move? Here's a few tips for a smooth transition.

Stay Organized

What will you need as soon as you move into your new home? Consider everything from a box cutter to aid in unpacking to select cookware you’ll need for your first few meals. Pack all these items in a clear plastic tub so they’ll be handy when you need them.

Be Thrifty

Kill two birds with one stone and wrap your fragile items in clothing rather than using bubble wrap. Use shirts and sweaters to keep your dishes safe and even clean socks for glasses and stemware.

Keep Small Items Safe

Got a lot of screws, nails and cords? Keep sandwich bags handy. You can keep all these little items safe and organized by taping them to the back of the item they go with. This comes in handy when you’re transporting mounted flat-screen TVs, curtain rods and electronics.

Color Coding Boxes

Pick a color, any color! But really, color coding can help you keep up with which box goes where making unpacking less stressful. Pick a color for each room and make sure to mark each box with the corresponding color.

Consider Hiring Movers

If you have some valuables that are fragile, hiring movers could be your best bet. Reputable movers come with insurance which means if something breaks, it’s on their dime and not yours. Plus, they’re pros and will move things quicker than your friends. Weigh the pros and cons - would a mover save you time and money or be an unnecessary expense?

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Kayla Stinnett